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Kit 10429

Contact George Eric Young

Oldest Proven Ancestor Andrew Young (Lamont)

b abt 1642, Argyle, Scotland

Kit 15638

Contact Phil Luke

Oldest Proven ancestor Daniel M. Luke

b. 1778 in Marlboro County, SC

d. 1863 in Berrien County, Georgia.


Kit 30050

Contact Ronald Arthur Hadley

Oldest Proven Ancestor Simon Hadley

b. 1640 England


Kit 31288

Contact Roy Alexander Young

Oldest Proven Ancestor Andrew Young (Lamont)

b abt 1642, Argyle, Scotland)


Kit 32181

Contact John M. Clemens

Oldest proven ancestor  John Clemmens

b  1829, Ireland 

d. 1912, South Dakota


Kit 32205

Contact William E White

Oldest Proven Ancestor John Elza White

B 1812 in VA


Kit 40472

Contact Hector John Munn

Oldest Proven Ancestor Duncan Munn

B ABT 1746 Kilfinan, Argylshire, Scotland

D aft 1806 PEI


Kit 40590

Contact Vicki Munn

Oldest proven ancestor :Patrick Cresson Munn   (James Munn is his probable father.)

Born 1803, unknown location in Ireland, probably County Down (James is also from Ireland, b. 1764.)

Died 1875, Philadelphia, PA   (James died 9-30-1844, Philadelphia, PA)


Kit 44857

Contact William MacKay Meikle
Oldest ancestor  Robert Meikle
born about 1820


Kit 45044

Contact John F Lamond Jr

Oldest Proven Ancestor James David Lamont,

B 1790, Duntocker, Scotland


Kit 50116


Contact Group Administer


Kit 55182

Contact Earl Young

Oldest living ancestor Ancestor Andrew Young (Lamont)

b abt 1642, Argyle, Scotland


Kit 55859

Contact Neil Lamont

Oldest Proven Ancestor Neil Lamont

B abt 1790

Barony, Lanark, Scotland


Kit 55860

Contact John & Norma Lamont

Oldest Proven Ancestor John Lamont

born circa 1760 Snizort, Isle of Skye, Scotland


Kit 67421


Contact Group Administer


Kit 71519

Contact Charles (Tom) Lambie

John Lambie, born about 1770. He married Barbara Smith 13 July 1792 in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland. She was born abt.1772.


Kit 74790

Contact Rickey R. Turner

Oldest Proven Ancestor James Turner

b1777 North Carolina.  He died 1851 in Marshall County, Tennessee.


Kit #76094

Contact John Michael Black

Oldest Proven William Black

b. 4 July 1776

d. after 1850


Kit 76449


Contact Group Administer


Kit 77826

Contact Brian Lee Young

Oldest Proven Ancestor Andrew Young (Lamont)

b abt 1642, Argyle, Scotland


Kit 79612

Contact group administrator

Oldest Proven Ancestor Daniel Brown,

born circa 1753, died 15th December 1853

Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland


Kit 82198

Contact:  Kimble Johnson


Oldest known ancestor:  George Washington Youngblood

born:  27 May 1810, SC

died:  13 Aug 1895, Pickens Co., AL


Kit 83252

Contact Janet Lamons/Kesserouan

Mordecia Lamons

b. 1765 Isle of Skye, Scotland d.1841 Morgan CO, TN 


Kit 89556


Contact Group Administer


Kit 93005

Contact Gina

Oldest Known Ancestor Oney McClammy (MacClammie, other spellings in VA records)

b. 1634: Scotland or Irelandm. before 1668 Eleanor O'Norton (O'Noughton)

d. after 1694, Kent Co., DE


Kit 94014

Oldest known Neal Lamont

B abt 1780 Ireland?

Contact Group Administer


Kit 94050

Oldest Known Ancestor John Sitlington

b 1640 Argyle, Scotland

Contact Steven Sitlington


Kit 95779

contact Jon Lamont

Oldest known ancestor Archibald D Lamont

b abt 1750 in Lochgilphead, Argyll Scotland

contact Jon Lamont


Kit 103936

Contact Robert C.Young
Oldest known ancestor  Drury Young
Unknown dates and location born & died


Kit 104169

Contact Garth P. Lamb

Oldest known ancestor Jacob Lamb

born abt1667 Ombersley, Worchester, England ?

died 31 Mar 1725 Burlington NJ


Kit 104489

Contact Neil McCallum

Oldest known ancestor Samuel Lamont

B 13 Feb 1818 Newton, Stewart, Scotland

D 13 Mar 1901 Madison, WS


Kit 105776

Contact Thomas William Young

Oldest Proven Ancestor Andrew Young (Lamont)

b abt 1642, Argyle, Scotland


Kit 107917

Oldest proven ancestor John Black,

born Aug 4,1832 Glasgow, Scotland

Contact Group Administer


Kit 108664


Contact Group Administer


Kit 108794

Contact H M Lamont

Oldest known ancestor Angus Lamont

B 1731  Islay, Scotland

D 16 Dec 1797 Kilchoman, Islay, Scotland


Kit 115901

Contact Robert J Brown

Oldest known ancestor Henry Brown,

c. 1737, Markinch, Fife, Scotland


Kit 116228

Contact David McDonald

Oldest known ancestor James Lamond,

born abt1768, died bef 1839,

Married Margaret Ferguson 4 July 1807 at Kirkmichael Parish, Perthshire Scotland


Kit 118913

Contact Alexander Patterson

Oldest known ancestor Archibald Lamont

b abt 1705 Lanark, Scotland? married to Helen McKim


Kit 120216

Contact Kenneth Luckey

Oldest known ancestor Robert Luckey SR

Born 1789

Died abt 1864 Mecklenburg Co, NC


Kit 127132

Contact Linda Holm

Oldest known ancestor James Lamont

B 1758 Aryshire



Contact Lamont administrator

Oldest proven ancestor James Burdon

Born about 1738 Selaby, Gainford, County Durham, England.

Death after 1780 Gainford parish, County Durham.


Kit 130048 Lemmon
Contact Alex Lemmon

Oldest known ancestor William Lemmon
Born abt 1793 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Died abt 1868


Kit 134101

Contact Ian Charles Lamont

Oldest known ancestor George Edward Alexander Lamont

Born abt 1855 Christchurch New Zealand

Died 01 Sep 1899


Kit 13503

Contact Vicki Munn

Oldest proven ancestor: Thomas Lamb   (Richard Lamb is his probable father.) 

born Jan. 1, 1750, Spotsylvania Co., VA   (Richard is born bef. 1707, VA)

died Bet.  Aug 1835 - 1840, Madison Co., KY (Richard Sr. dies 1795, Orange Co. VA)


Kit 139352

Contact Joel Black

Oldest known ancestor James Black

Born 1720 (presumably Ireland),

Died 1818, Mecklenburg Co., NC


Kit 142567

Contact Damian Downie

Oldest Proven Ancestor William James Downie

B. 1831


Kit 150636


Contact Lamont administrator


Kit 151731


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Kit 155519


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Kit 159342


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Kit 162286


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Kit 165124

Contact Ian Crawford Brown

Oldest Proven Ancestor Joseph Brown

B 1800-3 Kilbirnie, Ayrshire.

Married 1830 Dalry, Ayrshire

D 1866 Kilwinning ,Ayrshire


Kit 172877

Contact Richard Barden

Oldest Proven Ancestor William Barden

B 1624 location unknown?

D 1692-3 Middleboro, Mass.


Kit 176645


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Kit 191784


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Kit 195960


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Kit 195961


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Kit 197817

Oldest Proven Ancestor Martin Lamont

b abt 1834 New York?

Contact Group Administer

Kit 198395


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Kit 198775


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Kit 200374


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Kit 201688

Contact Steve Allen

Oldest Proven Ancestor Adopted in KS Unknown ancestor - born Denver June 15, 1951


Kit 202982


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Kit 203128


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Kit 208243

Contact Robert Lamont

Oldest Proven Ancestor Archibald Lamont

B 1710 Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland



Kit 210209

Contact Robert Shanklin Wham

Oldest Proven Ancestor Benjamin Wham

Emigrated abt 1797


Kit # 217896

Elaine Emery

Oldest proven ancestor: John Lermond (his son spelled it Larmond when he settled in Maine)

Born 1680 in N. Ireland Ulster Plantation
Died 1770 in Milton MA


Kit 214699


Contact Group Administer


Kit 238805

Contact Debbie Young Watkis

Oldest Proven ancestor

Issac Young

b 1818

d. 1879

Kit 243931

Contact Jeffery Lemmon

Oldest Proven Ancestor John Lemon

B 1785

D 1865


Kit 252221


Contact Group Administer


Kit 253118


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Contact Ian Feachnie

Oldest Proven Ancestor Norman Phillipson


Kit 259497

Contact Albert D Brown

Oldest Proven Ancestor William Brown

B about 1689



Kit 265785


Contact Group Administer


Kit 267592

Contact Robert Mitchell Lamont

Oldest Proven Ancestor William Lamont

B 1794

D 1866 Ballygoney No Ireland


Kit 268203

Contact William L Lemmon

Oldest Proven Ancestor George Leman




Kit 268437

Contact Gary Reid Young

Oldest Proven Ancestor William Young

B 1806

D aft 1860


Kit 269679

Contact Ronald Wayne Black

Oldest Proven Ancestor James Black

B 1795

D 1840


Kit 275442


Contact Group Administer


Kit 284448

Contact Donal Wray Lemmon

Oldest Proven Ancestor William B Lemmon

B 1800-1810



Kit 285017

Contact Killough Henry White III

Oldest Proven Ancestor John White

B 1720



Kit 285973

Contact Colm Mark Munnelly

Oldest Proven Ancestor Patrick Munnelly

B 1841-1843



Kit 310356

Contact James H McClammy

Oldest Known ancestor Oney McClammy

B 1645

D 1694




Kit B3492

Contact Steven David Brown

Oldest Proven Ancestor John Brown

B 1758

D 1780


Kit B3898

Contact George William Black

Oldest Proven Ancestor Alexander Black

B 1820

D 1860


Kit H1450

Contact David G Mickle

Oldest Proven Ancestor Archibald Mickle

B 1653

D 1706


Kit N3066

Contact James Cullen Turner

Oldest Proven Ancestor Elisha Turner. 

b.abt 1770 to 1780 ? unknown

d 1801 Delaware River Valley


Kit N9761

Contact John Michael Brown

Oldest Proven Ancestor GGG Grandfather Benjamin Brown

b 1790 Chester County,Pa.

d 12-04-1860 Chester County, Pa


Kit N14949

Contact Steve Lominac

Oldest Proven Ancestor Johan Jacob Lamineck

(1705-1790) Germany