ANTHROGENEALOGY: the science of genealogy by genetics; especially utilizing molecular biology to trace a lineage beyond the limits of historical records. Y-DNA can assist family historians by showing the path of a lineage to connect unknown family members by comparing specific regions of the DNA we inherited from our fathers.

Have you hit a brick wall tracing your family?
DNA testing could help you prove your family heritage.

This Lamont Y-DNA study group at Family Tree DNA is open to anybody from the Lamont family and related Septs.   Our main goal will to connect our families back to Sir Laumon. Like all of you we want to find out more about our family, how we connect and the Lamont historical background. DNA provides us an exciting method to extend our genealogy pursuits.

DNA will assist our search in the following ways.

  • Eliminate or confirm the relationship of individuals or lines
  • Focus research towards related families
  • Direct research into a compact geographical area and timeframe
  • Establish country or region of origin
  • Confirm variant surnames & Septs as part of the same Lamont family
  • Strengthen weak paper trails
  • Avoid pursuing false connections

Our study and other DNA surname studies are based on Y-chromosome DNA, which is possessed only by males. It is passed from fathers to sons virtually unchanged over hundreds of years. Therefore, direct participants in DNA surname studies necessarily must be males. Direct participants in our particular study, that is, people who are actually tested, must be males either: carrying the Lamont or Sept surname descended directly in an unbroken male-to-male line from a Lamont or Sept surnamed male.

So ladies, if you have a Lamont brother, father, cousin, nephew, or uncle who has at least a slight interest in genealogy, you can enlist them in your research.

Open to anybody from the Lamont family and any of the many related Septs.

Ask for a link to join our study at the Lamont group discounted rate. Send E-Mail:

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