The only other mention of Celestin iv is in 1414, when he and his son Donald witnessed a charter in the Diarmaid fortress of Innis Connel on Loch Awe (where some of his tartan were later doomed to be imprisoned). This Donald, fifth in reckoning from the eponymus and the last generation given in the Gaelic manuscript of 1467, appears on the death of DUNCAN VII in 1448 as the latter's vassal in the lands of "Machorle" assessed at £5, 6s. 8d., which was the old extent of Achahoish, Fernoch and Drum(tecormick) in 1511 and presumably refers to them, Monydrain (4 merks) being still apparently held of the Crown direct. The last word of Donald "McCowirlee" is in the royal exchequer rolls of 1451, and the mist falls on his kin till 1511, when DUNCANIX enters "Angus Lawmont, alias McQuorle" as heir to his father Ewen in the 12 merks, which the granter's predecessors had bestowed on Angus's predecessors. In virtue of the charter of 1410 the new vassals must have been the heirs male of Celestin iv (otherwise the lairdship would have reverted to the chiefs under the clause of return), and one thus places Ewen vi (of whom there is no other word) as either the son or the brother of Donald v. Angus vii, the first to use Lamont as his surname, was doubtless the Angus Ladman who took birlinn to Inverneilbeg in 1498 to witness, the sasine of Gilbert Lamont, coroner of Cowal.

He died about 1530, and was succeeded by bis brother Donald McSorle alias Lawmond of Monydrain, commonly known as Baron McSorley, who one remembers was sued in 1542 for his portion of Sir JOHNX's fine to the Crown. Ten merks for ilk merk land, 120 in all, he had to pay, and at once recovered it from his own tenants including a Margaret Lamont. For some reason which is not apparent the 5 merk annual feu-duty due to the chief as superior of the lands was being collected by the Ascog family about this time. Before 1558 this Donald viii had a wadset for £173 of the 3.5 merk lands of Duppin and the 3 merks of Auchnaba from their McPherson owner. He appears several times in
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a formal capacity between 1552 and 1563, when he foregathered with Knockdow and their chief at Kilrnichaelbeg, afterwards Silvercraigs. Probably the Duncan and Angus McSorleys who were fined for absence from the Scots army at Solway Moss in 1542 were cousins of this Donald viii. The first of them was doubtless the Duncan McSorley in Kilmichael, who figures as a witness in 1571-72 with his son Allister cam (squinting Alexander), and the same person as the father of a John McDonchie VcSouerlie who appears in 1577 along with two others who are plainly Donald viii's younger sons Gilbert and John.

Of this John nothing is kenned, but Gilbert McDonill VcSouerlie was namely as laird of the Auchinbreck in Glassary, of which 2 merk lands he acquired a feu in 1563 from the Mclver Campbells. This is one of the few recorded cases of Lamonts gaining ground from Campbells since early times, and was doubtless due to the fact that his wife Christian was a Mclver. It is quite possible, although the evidence is very inconclusive, that he may have assisted in settling some of his own tartan in the Isle of Tiree at the instigation of MacCailein.8 At least it is clear that the "clan Sorley" was expanding. Gilbert and John had an eldest brother Donald, to whom their father Donald v i i i had passed on the fee of the estates by 15 61 (in which year the old charter of 1410 was copied for posterity), and who was married to an Effrick McAUan by 1577. The year before that Donald, the fiar, wadset half of Achahoish to Gilbert and Christian for 400 merks (£266), and in that same 1577 leased the other half to a Finuel Mclan for eleven years after the death of Donald McSouarl her husband. The tenant was probably his mother or stepmother. Donald viii had at least one daughter Agnes, or Annas, who was married in 1563 to Patrick Campbell of Shalunt in north Bute (5th son of Archibald Campbell of the Auchenbreck in Glendaruel who had claimed half of Inveryne from Sir JOHNX and thus a grandson of Agnes daughter of JOHN VIII). It is in the deeds giving her liferent sasine in the adjacent Stuck and Bullochreg that one first sees the designation "the baron McCorle" applied to her father as doubtless it had been to his forebears. She was not far from her own kith and kin at Rudbodach—the "Kyle of Row," and enjoyed long life (till 1624 at least), as after Patrick's death between 1616 and 1627 she took as a second husband one Ronald buy McDonald in Gortinvaill (probably in N. Kintyre).

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