Clan Lamont Septs

Names historically associated with Clan Lamont

If your family name is on this list, you are probably a Lamont

Aldownie, -y Black Blackie Blaik Blaikie
Blake Blaker Blakey Broun Brown
Burden Burdon Clement Lamb Lambie
Lammie Lammon(s) Lammond Lamon Lamond
Lamondson Lander(s) Lemmon Lemon Lemond
Lamond Lamont Limon Limond Limont
Lucas Luck Luckie, -y Luke MacAlduie
MacAldowie MacClammie,- y MacClement(s) MacCluckie, -y MacClymont
MacEaracher MacErcher MacErracher MacFarquhar MacGilledow
MacGillegowie MacGorie, -y MacGorrie, MacIldowie, MacIlwham
MacIlwhom MacInturner MacKerchar MacKerracher MacLammie, -y
MacLamond MacLemmon MacLemon MacLucas MacLuckie, -y
MacLugash MacLuke MacLusa MacLymont MacMunn
MacPatrick MacPhunn MacSorley MacSurely Meickleam
Meickleham Meiklehem Meiklejohn Meiklem Munn
Munt Patrick Pater~on Phorich Sorlie, -y
Supley Toward Towart Turner White

NOTE: The correct Scottish pronunciation of LAMONT is close to "Lamb-it" , NOT "Laa-mont".

Minor differences in spelling from names on this list are meaningless, due to variations in spelling in earlier times.

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