Gruss vom Krampus

In other words, greetings from Krampus. As most kids await Santa’s arrival tonight, many kids know they haven’t been perfect. Some will be hiding under their beds, hoping the Krampus passes them by. Who’s the Krampus, you ask? In folklore, he’s Saint Nicholas’ shadow meant to scare the bad kids while Saint Nick rewards the good ones. His pre-Christian origins make him quite unsettling a figure, but the traditions surrounding the Krampus endured, and so did he.

Krampus in a Lamont Kilt

Without a doubt, Krampus is monstrous. How else do you scare straight the spoiled children? Other than a terrifying appearance, he would leave you a birch rod, or I like to think, a lump of coal. Santa never had time to deal with the bad ones, let alone carry around coal! However, later depictions started to skew him as malevolent, stuffing kids in baskets and carrying them off. Hollywood took it a step further with those quasi-horror films made popular with the 2015 release of Krampus written and directed by Michael Dougherty. Krampus was virtually unknown in North America before the movies but is gaining popularity every year.

2015 Krampus Film by Michael Dougherty

This Krampus is no different but Santa looks incredible in a Lamont kilt, so why not the Krampus?

Read more about the Krampus on Wikipedia.

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  1. Dear Lamont descendants, maybe Krampus brought us COVID ? Thank you for the interesting information. I pray everyone has a safe, merry holiday and a healthy New Year !
    Laura Marems (a McLimans descendant)

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