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So you want to join our society do you? You might be wondering if there are some special requirements or hoops you have to jump through? The fact is there are not. The CLSNA is open to anyone who is an ancestral descendant of the Clan Lamont or simply someone who has taken an interest in our heritage and mission to preserve it. By joining, you will help fund many projects dedicated to cultural preservation and at the same time, meet new relatives and friends.

Membership benefits include a subscription to the Wee Harp, our Society Quarterly. It will keep you up to date on the happenings around the country and the works we are striving for. Additional benefits include a member badge and card that identifies you as a member. Lastly and the most importantly access to a community of people who share a common interest and passion for goals.

Summary of Dues

New Members
Single $35.00 USD
Family $45.00 USD
Life Single $300.00 USD
Life Family $500.00 USD
Single $25.00 USD
Family $35.00 USD
Clansman $25.00 USD
Laird $50.00 USD
Noble $75.00 USD
Chief $100.00 USD

We are working towards electronic payment options. To request an application or if you have questions regarding your qualification to join please e-mail Frank Brown our Secretary/Treasurer directly.

Frank Brown, Sec/Treas

We thank you for your support!