Unfurling the Black | Lamont’s and the Age of Piracy

Piracy arose out of a variety of conditions. There were disagreements over trade and colonization among the rival European powers of the time. Plus, government of overseas colonies was poor meaning there wasn’t much reprocussion for bad behavior. Then combine the fact that there were so many trained and experienced sailors from European Navies and a rise in quantities of valuable cargoes being shipped to Europe over vast ocean areas. Blend all that up and soon you’ve got a plan to get rich quick and get away with it. Or so they thought. The golden age of piracy is considered to have spanned from 1650-1730 only four years after the destruction of our clan. That means it’s feasible (but not provable) that our kin may have taken to sea in those turbulent years to follow. I found some stories of possible Lamonts which I’d like to share while being mindful of the reality that “it’s a stretch”.

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