TWH September 2020

The period known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1639-1653) saw conflict in Scotland, England, and Ireland, with approximately 28,000 troop deaths and 45,000 civilian deaths. In this period, Sir James XIV would preside over the destruction of the Clan Lamont at the hands of the hands of Archibald Campbell’s Convenanter agenda. What followed is a well-documented campaign of looting, murder, and almost complete genocide of a Clan. The sad excuse for breaking the treaty to capitulate was that the Lamonts were traitors to God and his Covenant.

But to the lasting disgrace of the seven who signed for Clan Diarmaid the treaty was treated as “a scrap of paper”, and the campaign of murder, robbery, and oppression was begun.

However, what were the political and religious pressures affecting the region and Clan both inwardly and outward? What decisions did Sir James XIV make, both positive and negative, that affected the outcome? What were the lasting effects for the Clan and Scotland? Join us as we explore these topics in a multi-part TWH series starting this September.

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